St Giles Masonic Centre

...situated on the outskirts of the town of Colchester at St. Johns Green, the Centre exists to serve the Masonic community of Colchester and its surrounding areas. It is also a rich part of the town's historic heritage with artefacts dating to the time of the Siege of Colchester. The banqueting hall is available for hire.

Calendar Events

  • Colchester. Home to Freemasonry in Essex for over 250 years.

  • St.Giles - 2000 years of History

  • Hall hire. Call the Office on 01206 573973.


St. Giles Masonic Centre is the principal centre for Freemasonry in North Essex and amongst the twelve Masonic Craft Lodges is home to the most ancient of Lodges in Essex - Angel. Colchester Freemasonry has a lot to offer from the foundation stone to the higher orders, welcoming members and visitors alike.

Historic St. Giles!

The site on which St. Giles Masonic Centre now sits is steeped in history. It extends back nearly 2000 years to the time of the Roman occupation and features again through the Norman invasion and conquest and also to the time of the Civil war. This Grade II listed building as a church was, in its time, the largest parish in Colchester and has served the community for over 800 years.

Hire the Centre!

The banqueting hall at St. Giles Masonic Centre is occasionally available for hire for educational courses, business seminars, wedding receptions. Contact our Centre Manager on 01206 573973 to discuss your requirements. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. See the Hall Hire Website for further details