All Colchester Craft Lodges are warranted to meet under the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England through the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex. The number of the Lodge below shows its place in the registers within this "English Constitution".

Angel Lodge No. 51

AngelPreviously meeting at Angel Inn on the High Street and at the first Colchester Masonic Hall. Formed in 1735 and named after the place where it met (a possible link to the mysterious sightings of Angels on St. Johns Green). This is the oldest Lodge of Freemasons in Essex. Meets 4th Tuesday OCTOBER through to May.

United Lodge No. 697

UnitedFormed 1857, with strong ties with Colchester Garrison, it originally met in a public house on Head Street and later with Angel at Colchester's first Masonic Hall. Meets 3rd Wednesday October to June except January. Installation is held May.

Blackwater Lodge No. 1977

BlackwaterOrignally meeting at Maldon (hence taking its title from that part of the estuary), this Lodge moved to Colchester having been formed since 1882. Blackwater meet 2nd Monday of January, March, May, September, OCTOBER and November. Blackwater's January Burns Night meeting is a special annual event.

Comrades Lodge No. 2976

ComradesComrades was the first Lodge to be consecrated at the original Colchester Masonic Hall on Abbey Gate Street. Warranted to meet since August 1903, Comrades Lodge has been providing a Masonic home for transitory soldiers from and through Colchester Garrison. Home of the Masonic Great War Project. Comrades Lodge meets 3rd Monday in September, October, NOVEMBER, January, February, March, April and May. For further details about Comrades Lodge visit their website.

Grey Friars Lodge No. 5169

GreyfriarsNamed after the Grey Friars quarters of Colchester and formed in 1930. Grey Friars meet 4th Monday in January, March, May, September and November (Installation).

William of Colchester Lodge No. 5255

WilliamThis Lodge is a research Lodge and formed 1931. Named after William, Abbott of Westminster Abbey from 1386 and who is reported to have built the nave. He is interred and commemorated at Westminster Abbey, London. The only Lodge in Essex who perform extended workings at Installation. Meet 4th Thursday January, February, April (Installation), September, October and November.

Colcestria Lodge No. 7123

ColcestriaNamed after the town of Colchester and formed in 1951,the daughter Lodge of Comrades Lodge. The only Lodge in St. Giles to meet at theweekend. Colcestria meet seven times per annum: 4th Saturday September, October, November, January (Installation), February, March and April.

Lucas & Lisle Lodge No. 8456

Lucas-LisleNamed after the two royalist generals who were murdered at the Castle in 1648, Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle, marking an end to the Siege of Colchester. Formed in 1972, it is the daughter Lodge of Claudius and grand-daughter Lodge of Comrades. The first Lodge to be consecrated in St. Giles Masonic Centre after the old Colchester Masonic Hall was purchased for the building of Southway. Meets on six occasions in the year: 2nd Friday February (Installation), March, April, September, October and November.

Claudius Lodge No. 8700

ClaudiusNamed after the Roman conqueror and emperor Claudius (10BC-54AD). The Temple of Claudius is depicted on its banner, the foundations of which now form the footings for Colchester Castle. Formed 1976, a daughter lodge of Comrades Lodge. It meets regularly 2nd Tuesday February (Installation), April, October and 1st Tuesday June and December.

PyefleetPyefleet Lodge No. 8913

Named after the Pyefleet or Pyefleet Creek, that part of the Essex Coastline where the River Colne egresses into the Thames Estaury and located between Langenhoe Marsh and East Mersea. The Lodge was formed in 1980 and meet 1st Thursdy January, March, May, November and 2nd Thursday September (Installation)

CymbelineCymbeline Lodge No. 9021

Named after King Cunobelin, who in Shakespearean text is written as Cymbeline (a Celtic King of Britain). Formed in 1982 it meets four times in the year: 1st Monday February, April (Installation), October and December.

MeridiesMeridies Colcestriae Lodge No. 9715

Literal translation is "Midday Colchester" which betrays when it meets. Meridies Colcestriae or Meridies for short, is the only daylight Lodge meeting in the Centre and is youngest in Colchester having been formed in 2000. It meets 1st Wednesday February, 2nd Thursday May and 3rd Wednesday September (Installation).