A Modern History 

Sandwiched between the edge of the present town centre (outside the ancient wall) on the south side of Southway and what is now part of Colchester Garrison on the other (the north precinct of what was St. John’s Abbey) is a quiet unassuming building which generally escapes public attention.

If one accelerates out of St. Botolph’s roundabout into Southway and looks up left to the building which greets the eye, it would not cause suspicion to think that it is anything but a church which it seems to be. Looking more carefully, perhaps walking towards St John’s Green, one would notice only one clue to its present use The gold letters on the wrought iron gates, “SGMC” betray little to its full title – St. Giles’ Masonic Centre. However, this building was not always a Masonic Centre, so with the building now in its 10th century this part of the website aims to provide a better insight into the various aspects and features of this treasure within the borough of Colchester. The history surrounding St. Giles’ is as rich as any Colcestrian archaeology or monument. It is as important as the “Old Siege House”, Castle or Roman Wall and extends back at least nine full centuries to the early mediaeval age, just after a time when William I (Conqueror) had completed his Norman conquest.

Explore the various facets of St. Giles in its life as a former church, its present life as a Masonic Centre and of course the features of the Centre...