The East Window

…stands approximately 20 feet high in stained glass showing three lights in a simple geometric form. The theme is “King of Kings”. The light in the centre depicts Christ arisen to the throne in heaven, looking straight out and holding his right hand as if in acknowledgement and blessing His audience. Wearing a crown and carrying an orb only reinforces this “Kingly” status. On the same light but lower are two angels kneeling in prayer and deference, between which is descending a dove of peace.

In addition to the main theme, can be found at the very top of the feature in the mouchettes & daggers, the three seaxes on red background denoting the traditional heraldic arms of the county of Essex. To the left is a perhaps St. Helena holding an heraldic shield—the white crossed staffs and three coronets on a red background denoting the traditional arms of Colchester, ironically in its non-religious form. To the right is as yet an unknown Saint (or bishop) but should be identifiable by the shield—a gold crosier and sword on a red cross in saltire on a gold background. There are 18 Cherubs either winged or just showing their faces.

The left and right lights hold four characters apiece looking inward and upward to the central figure. Each appear to be a representation of aspects of worldly life in some way. The two kneeling characters seem to be offering food and drink, whilst the remaining six, who carry a broadsword, book, scrolls, wheel & sailing boat amongst them, are all unidentifiable. At the foot of the right hand light is a memorial dedication “…AMDG. In memory of those who died for their country in the Great War. 1914-1918 whose names are recorded in the Tablet in the North “Lucas” Chapel…”

This dedication has now been obscured by a fire exit sign behind which reside a great many spiders! Underneath the window are two fire escapes in what would have been the rear of the chancel / east wall. The exact date of the window is unknown as the dedication recorded was made as an addition, proved by its lack of existence in a c.1950 photograph (see Gallery) of the interior of the church which now hangs in the bar area.

This feature of St. Giles’ is sponsored in its restoration by the V.W. Bro. Brian Procter, a Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and is dedicated in memory of his late wife Myram.